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For years, Elise has been donning corsets, sneaking into castles, and lying through her teeth to enforce the Place in Time Travel Agency’s ten essential rules of time travel. The Continuum #AudioExcerpt  #Listen @WendyNikel @WorldWeaver_wwp

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Looking to Sell Your Small Travel Agency? Heres What to Do

Looking to Sell Your Small Travel Agency? Here’s What to Do It is primarily a psychological effect, not a legal one, he said. It is also a good idea to have your corporate accounts sign a contract, even if the contract stipulates that the account can terminate in 30 days. Again, it’s the psychological effect. “Once they sign they are less likely to jump ship once you sell,” he explained. In Block’s view, the most important step leisure agencies can take in preparing to sell is to put all sales advisors on a production-based compensation plan. “The minute you do, you’ll find that 90-plus percent of them will start producing more. Your business will be more profitable, and it will be more compelling for a buyer.” Similarly, Pestronk said, owners should redouble their efforts to sell preferred suppliers in order to maximize overrides and increase the bottom line. If you’re planning to stop working at your agency after the sale, it’s critical to train or hire someone to do your job, Pestronk said. “You need to have staff that is trained to replace you, to be a general manager of your location. Having that talent will make you a very attractive prospect.” Panelist Dave Lovick, co-owner of Market Square Travel, a Minnesota agency that has acquired 15 to 20 locations in the last two decades, said that for his firm, the top factor in making a purchase is people. “Bringing in good salespeople is a big deal.

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Nationwide aviation charter company 'Skyways' lands in Huron with 1,500 new jobs

We think it's a great opportunity for the citizens of South Dakota, Huron specifically, and for us." Skyways is a point-to-point charter operation flying mid-jets throughout the continental U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. "I thought it built value to our already existing infrastructure. I Thought it would be really symbiotic.. we wanted to build a big company here," Mende said. Growing their company will require a lot of new jobs. "We're not looking to run a small operation, we're looking at putting the bulk of our business into this state," Mende said. That's great news for Huron Mayor Paul Aylward and the rest of the Huron community. "With 1,500 new jobs, that'll increase retail, be good for our schools and for everything in Huron," Mayor Paul Aylward said. "This is the first opportunity for this type of industry in South Dakota. It'll be a benefit for the community but the surrounding areas as well.

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