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Thailand arrests senior monks in temple raids to clean up Buddhism

Thailand arrests senior monks in temple raids to clean up Buddhism BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai police raided four Buddhist temples on Thursday, arresting several prominent monks and worshippers in the year’s biggest such operation amid a crackdown on illegal financial dealings by temples. Phra Phrom Dilok, 72, a member of the Sangha Supreme Council is escorted by police officers at the Thai Police Crime Suppression Division headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, May 24, 2018. REUTERS/Stringer The raids are the military government’s latest bid to reform Buddhism, which is followed by more than 90 percent of Thailand’s population of 69 million, but whose image has been tarnished by money and sex scandals involving monks. “This is the investigation stage... it will all come down to facts and evidence,” police official Thitiraj Nhongharnpitak, of the Central Investigation Bureau, which is investigating the monks, told reporters. More than 100 police commandos raided four temples in Bangkok, the capital, and the adjacent central province of Nakhon Pathom, in the early hours of Thursday. An unidentified assistant abbot of Golden Mount Temple is escorted by police officers at the Thai Police Crime Suppression Division headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, May 24, 2018. REUTERS/Stringer Among those arrested was Phra Buddha Issara, 62, an activist monk who led street protests in 2014 and launched a campaign to clean up Buddhism, but gained enemies by publicly naming other religious leaders he accused of wrongdoing. Buddha Issara was formally stripped of his position as a monk and sent to Bangkok remand prison to await trial on charges of robbery, forgery, and illegal detention of officials during the protests, his lawyer, Theerayuth Suwankaesorn, told Reuters. Phra Phrom Dilok, 72, a member of the Sangha Supreme Council, which governs Buddhist monks in Thailand, was also arrested over alleged embezzlement of temple funds, police said. Two other senior monks, Phra Sri Khunaporn and Phra Wichit Thammaporn, both assistant abbots of Bangkok’s Golden Mount temple, were also arrested over alleged embezzlement, they added.

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Buddha Bruddah food truck turns brick-and-mortar, with big portions and a family-friendly vibe

Mixed-plate lunches from Buddha Bruddah, in Rainier Valley, are sometimes enough food for multiple meals.  (Jackie Varriano / Special to The Seattle Times) Andrea and Mark Mizer opened their Buddha Bruddah food truck in December 2014, serving up mixed-plate lunches combining Hawaiian and Thai flavors. A brick-and-mortar location had been in the works since the beginning, and in April of 2018, they finally opened the doors to their bright, window-filled space on the corner of Rainier Avenue South and South Walker Street. “We wanted to make sure we were bringing value to the neighborhood and we really wanted to be part of a growing neighborhood,” Andrea Mizer says. She says they’ve received positive feedback from the neighborhood since opening — a crowd that during the day includes people working in the area, parents with kids and the retired community, and families at night. “I mean, we have something for everyone. That was our goal, to have a comfortable neighborhood place that everyone feels good going to and they can find a seat they love and food they love on the menu.” The menu: The truck menu and the restaurant menu are pretty different; the biggest reason comes down to equipment.

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